How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Let’s face it guys! Who is not in love with a good night’s sleep? Well, the answer to this question is simple, we all are. The problem is, most of us don’t know that the secret to deep sleep isn’t that complex. We are all concerned with the big things in life that we forget a good night’s sleep could be a clean mattress topper away. Yes guys! It is that simple. Learning how to clean memory foam mattress topper could make the whole the difference.

The thing is memory foam mattress toppers aren’t like ordinary mattress topper. They need some skill and attention whenever you decide its time to clean it. If you have been doing it the wrong way all along, by the end of this article you will have gotten to your feet. I mean, if you read this carefully, you will soon be a pro and on your path to baby like sleep. Let’s dive in.

So, which is the simplest and most effective way to clean your foam mattress topper?

Well, there are two ways to clean the mattress topper but each depends on the type of mess on it. If you have spilled a drink while you were enjoying some rest, you have to remove the cover and clean it thoroughly as a whole. On the other hand, if you are only doing it for maintenance purposes, you do not have to clean the cover thoroughly.

So, how should it be approached?

It isn’t rocket science friend. With a few steps and instructions, your cover should be sparkling clean and ready to offer you some good night’s sleep. But remember this is a process so be sure to follow all the steps as explained but it won’t hurt to add your own tricks. It might even turn out to be a better experience with better results.

1. Vacuum both sides of the cover

First and foremost, detach the topper from the mattress then spread it out on a clean, smooth and dry surface. This first phase will get of rid of debris and dust that could be lodged on the mattress topper.

2. look for stain spots and get rid of them

After you are one vacuuming the entire topper, go ahead and look for dirt spots that were vacuum resistant. If you can see any, white vinegar will do the trick. A little amount of diluted vinegar on a piece of cloth will clear most types of spots. If this doesn’t work, commercial stain removers will complete the magic.

3. Use some detergent for efficiency

After you are done removing and treating the spots, you will have to apply some detergent to make sure that the stains are gone forever. Don’t just pour the detergent on the cover. A spray bottle and a dry piece of cloth will work better. Remember we are looking for positive results. Let it cure for half an hour.

4. Rinsing off the detergent with water

After the diluted detergent has cured for half an hour, rinse it off with clean water. Again, don’t pour water directly on the surface. A towel and a spray bottle will also come in handy on in this phase. These two will get rid of the soppy layer brought by the detergent. Dabbing the surface with an absorbent piece of cloth will even perform better than using any type of cloth.

TIP: don’t forget cleaning the other side of the cover. Just turn it and follow the same steps as you have been doing on the other one.

5. If you can still see water bolt if with a dry piece of cloth

If you can still see or feel excessive water on the cover, get rid of it using an absorbent piece of cloth. A dry face towel will produce excellent results

6. Dry the topper

After you are done with all of these procedures, you can leave the topper in a dry ventilated room to dry. If you have a hand-held dryer, it will quicken the process. Remember to keep the dryer a distance away from the surface of the cover to prevent it compromising its texture which could ruin its softness. After all, we are all after a softer mattress cover. So, don’t ruin it.


I hope you’ve noted a point or two on How to Clean Memory Foam Mattress Topper. If you have a secret tip that does the magic for you, why not share it in the comment box to help out our fellow readers? We will appreciate.

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